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Day 6/7

sunny 6 °C

We have had a fun day trip to Colonia de Sacremento in Uruguay today. A very quiet quaint place until Phil got behind the wheel of a golf buggy let loose on the streets. To be fair we only got beeped at once and we were going down a one way street the wrong way. The place was stunning, on the coast and full of old buildings. We have come to the end of our Buenos Aires stay and its very sad to be moving on. Looking forward to the cold of Cusco. Fingers crossed altitude sickness does not affect us too badly.

Feel free to comment on our blogs as we go by the way. Off to bed to prep for an early start.

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Iguazu Falls - Argentina Side

Day 5

sunny 20 °C

My face is burning. I have underestimated the intense nature of the sun and the wind even though it is not that hot. It was very clever of me and Hannah to leave the suncream back in Buenos Aires so it would not take up valuable space in the bag!!

We went back to the falls today. They were even better than the brazilian side of the falls we saw yesterday! We took a chance and decided to go on a speedboat trip under the falls first thing. Definately a great decision. Our driver took us right under the falls and we got ridiculously, stupidly soaked. Thank goodness for the aquapac camera case! We got to dry off on San Martin Island - a little beach island in the middle of the national park. It was very cool and quiet at that time of day - 11am.

We explored the rest of the trails that the park has to offer and we never got tired of seeing each new waterfall as each one seemed more amazing than the last. We can´t wait to get the pictures put onto the computer. Hannah decked on one of the trails around the falls. It was hilarious although she is pining for attention now because of it! I wish i had filmed it for you,ve been framed.

Our hostel is amazing - the Anahi Hostel in Puerto Iguazu. We have a kitchen, 4 beds, bathroom, tv, towels and breakfast for 12pounds a night. I never thought i would say this but it is nice not to eat McDonalds or Burger King!

We are heading to the falls again tomorrow and then soaking in the luxury on the night bus back to Buenos Aires.

Phil and Hannah

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Buenos Aires / Brazilian Iguazu

Days 3 and 4

sunny 20 °C


The weather improed dramatically overnight and we have had a brilliant day in Buenos Aires. The city changed so much when it became the weekend. Less crowded roads made it easier for us to naviagate our way safely around the city. We took in the sights of Casa Rosada (the pink palace) and tried to work out which of the many balconies Evita looked out from. We wandered round all the other famous buildings and then headed for Recolata Cemetary stopping en route to be sophisticated in a swanky coffee shop - Hannah had a submarino (hot milk with a whole bar of chocolate submerged in it!!) Despite my brilliant map, we could not locate Evita´s tomb in the cemetary but the whole place was nice, including the little market outside.

After a day in the city we relaxed on our amazin 16 hour bus journey to Iguazu!! Dont let anyone tell you otherwise, Argentiians have the best bus travel in the world! We were treatred to food and films in the comfort of fully reclining massive seats. We were disappointed when we had to get off the bus!!

We quickly found our hostel in Iguazu before getting another bus to the Brazilian side of the falls. The falls are amazing! You get to stand really close and the view is amazing. We took loads of photos and hope to upload them in the next few days for everyone to see. We are off to the falls again tomorrow but seeing them from the argentinian side.


Phil and Hannah

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Buenos Aires

Day 2

storm 10 °C

Day 2 of the travels brings us to Beunos Aires. Its hammering down with rain and my feet are soaked through. The place is pretty amazing, mental is the only word I can use to describe it. We have been limited in our sight seeing today due to the weather but have still been able to soak in some of the atmosphere of Beuno Aires. Yesterday we orientated ourselves with the city and the plaza de mayo was cool where Evita did her famous speaking. We can now cross roads but whose idea it was to have a pink man indicating when to cross the road instead of green is a bit stupid , I feel sorry for those with colour blindness!!!!! The subway here is also quite good but the cleanliness etc make the tube look like the orient express. Phil can now speak spanish although for some reason I keep trying to speak French. Also I wasnt prepared for the fact that absolutly knowone has blonde hair or blue eyes so I look like a bit of a freak here, Phil however is blending in like Carloz Tevez. Tomorrow we head up to Iguza falls on a night bus that is meant to be well nice - quite excited about that. Best go now, need to chillax before we head out to find some local steak.

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Moving day Ricky

We are now pretty much sitting in an empty house having moved everything out of our place in Ricky. Our travel bags are packed which was very exciting and we are all ready to go - just a small matter of 5 days at work!!

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